EIIN - 108458 | School Code: 1742 | College Code - 1955

Brig Gen Md. Mustafizur Rahman (LPR)

Principal Message

Welcome to our website. It is a great privilege and pride for me to pen a few words with regard to the website of BEPZA Public School & College. I feel deeply honored to be a part of this prestigious institution and I take this opportunity to express my warmest congratulation to the ICT unit and all those who helped in launching this website.

The website features a new navigation menu and updated content so the required information can be sought in the blink of an eye. I hope everyone or, to be more precise, the students will find their time becoming more handy browsing this website than before.


It is our commitment to mould children to be open to thinking globally and be prepared for life ahead. We believe that self-discipline is more sustainable than imposed discipline and hence with the dedication of both my academic staff and parents we are striving hard to mould the personality of the students with the cultivation of good qualities and abilities that last a life time. I firmly believe that this website will play its part to a great extent in this regard.

With this noble sense of perception, I expect and hope that the website will be a great stride ahead and will pave our next generation the way to be an asset for the country and contribute to a great extent in making the dream of GOLDEN BANGLADESH a reality.


Brig Gen Md. Mustafizur Rahman (LPR)

BEPZA Public School and College

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